Event Horizon

about Me

Event Horizon Research is my designated space for my personal research and development projects. Event Horizon takes what's generally thought of as advanced technology reserved for industry, and aims to make versions that are more accessible to everyone. A prime example of this is my development of a scaled down version of a 6-Axis Robotic Arm. Academically, I was trained in physics, and currently I work as an engineer. I've always been a maker, and in the past decade with 3D printers becoming more accessible, I have been able to increase my capabilities for personal projects. I obtained my first printer in 2014 and have been printing ever since. My projects rely heavily on combining Additive Manufacturing and off-the-shelf hobbyist electronics. I engineer and manufacture all of the components I can for my projects, design the necessary circuitry, and write the software/firmware that makes them run. I take the time and necessary steps to learn new skills in order to develop new projects (like learning HTML and CSS to make this website!). Here you'll find the results of my research and development into fields that I was previously unfamiliar with as I push my own boundaries, as well as those that limit accessibility. This unknown is the origin for the name Event Horizon Research, the Event Horizon being the out limit of a black hole, where inside our model of reality breaks down. Follow the development of my projects here where I'll post updates on their progress, as well as full build manuals! Feel free to reach out to me as well!